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Danielle Erb’s and Eoin Blythe’s reflections!

We won!!! We won!!!  Allan A Greenleaf won the most incredible opportunity – a chance to visit and see UNICEF schools in Lao Cai province in Viet Nam.

In the spring, Greenleaf participated in the World Education Games (WEG) – a three day event of spelling, math and science mental battles on a world stage.  All our computers in the schools were hopping!  Students raced home to make sure that they stayed ahead… it was INCREDIBLE.

While we were fortunate enough to join in this global event – WEG recognized that there are many, many children who do not have access to an education.  So, they teamed up with UNICEF and their “School in the Box” programme to encourage those of us who have access to a solid education to donate to others.

All the schools who participated were put in a lottery to win a chance to go to Vietnam and see our donations at work…

Two students, a parent for each and myself are embarking on this trip of a lifetime – flying across the world to meet other children! We would like to thank WEG for giving us this opportunity – and UNICEF for hosting us! We are thrilled to be able to go and experience the rich culture of Viet Nam – and as we are traveling around the world on a whirlwind tour, we have extended the trip over the weekends to include more of the sights in Hanoi, Viet Nam and Hong Kong, China.

Please follow the blogs that Danielle and Eoin will update regularly to catch a glimpse of life in Hanoi and Lao Cai, Vietnam and Hong Kong, China. On this blog, you will find background information of the places we’re visiting. Please post comments and questions, and we will do our best to answer them. Thanks for sharing in our adventures!

13 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dear Eoin, Danielle, Parents and Mrs. W,

    What an exciting journey you are all embarking on! Have fun and post lots of pictures!
    We will be watching and reading about your adventures on our big computer in our living room each evening over the next week or so.
    Have fun!!

    Grace, Sloan, Shane, Sue and Jeff!

  2. That is so incredible. Congratulations to you and your students. Enjoy your trip. Hanoi is beautiful, and so are the other parts of the country that I saw. Your journey and your work will change your students lives. What an eye opening experience. Jamie Bennett – Dundas Cental School @jabennet

  3. Hi Greenleaf Gang!
    I read Eoin and Dani’s blogs! Sounds like you have already been on some amazing adventures and I’m sure there will be many more over the coming days. Enjoy your time there; this truly is an experience of a lifetime.
    Miss Cooper (and your Guy Brown friends)

  4. Nice to see you are really taking advantage of this great experience.
    Cant wait to hear all about your trip when you return. Great job!!

  5. Good Morning All,
    I am enjoying reading all about your wonderful adventure. It sounds like everyone is having an awesome time. Mr. Bennett from the Board is here today working with classes and teaching them all about blogging. Hopefully they will connect with you soon. Can’t wait to hear more. Have fun!
    Mrs. Shanlin

  6. hey guys glad to see you are having so much fun:).we would like to know what ur favourite experience was and why??hope you have a great time in ur remaining days and cant wait to here from u guys when u get back!!!

  7. Sierra:
    I am happy to see you guys are enjoying Vietnam! I’ve seen in Mrs. W’s blog a picture of you eating something with chop sticks. What was it? How did it taste? Oh and also what was your most awesome experience so far? Are the kids down there nice to you guys? Tell Mrs.W I say hi. HAVE FUN!!!

    Hi Danielle!
    How are you doing? It looks like you guys are having so much FUN! Vietnam looks REALLY hot, so I was wondering if there are a lot of creepy bugs there?
    Hope you guys don’t get homesick and come back soon!

    Hi, Dani
    How’s your trip? It looks really different from Canada it must be good to go on a long trip. The food looks interesting. What is you are your favourite food? What is your least favourite? Have a good time!!!! :D

    See you soon,
    Sierra, Sarah and Raiyan
    P.S:Please reply!!!!

  8. Hello,
    How is the trip so far? I hope that you are having a fun time and that you won’t forget anything of this experience. Have you met anybody that’s in grade 8 or 9? Take lots of pictures!! Where have you been to, and where are you now? Have a great rest of the trip.

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